5 Reasons why you are still Overweight and Unhappy

1. You are not honest about the real reasons why you want to lose weight. If you were you would make them a priority. It would be the driving force and the fuel required for you to do what was necessary. If you don’t understand your why then you will never truly get off the start line.

2. You don’t master the basics. Sleep, hydration and regular portions of fruit and vegetables are the basics. The foundations so to speak that will manage your stress levels, improve digestion, enhance your energy levels and give you a platform to build from. If you don’t have this in place then how can you implement other nutritional strategies?

3. You put all your eggs in the one basket and prioritise exercise over nutrition. This is a huge mistake to make. You are not addressing the real issues that have got you into the shape you are currently in. You are instead trying to out train a bad diet. Yes its good your moving more but if you don’t marry this with changes to your diet you will end up over worked, under recovered and largely despondent at your lack of results. You will be back at square one soon enough, sound familiar?

4. You don’t make any effort to cook or learn to cook. Why? Because you think you don’t have time. If truth be told though you do have time, you are just too lazy and or focused on other things to prioritise the time that’s is needed to cook and focus on food preparation.

5. You don’t track your nutrition. Tracking your calories versus guessing them will always be a better and more successful way to get a handle on your weight, its also a great way to educate yourself to a level above where you are currently at. But you think it takes too much effort and time out of your day so you find reasons to not do it. Again it comes down to priorities, like I said in point number 1 unless you understand your why you will never get off the start line and will always find a reason to not do what is necessary.

So what can you do about it? Here are 3 ways people have been managing to flip this round and get the results they really want.

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