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Do you want to be our next success story? Results are what we strive for. Check out some of our transformations and testimonials below.

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“Having trained with Barry since the gym opened I can highly recommend it. The atmosphere is friendly and enjoyable, and the training from all of the PTs is of the highest quality”

Morag Winchester

“Great gym with a great atmosphere. I can't thank Micheal enough for keeping my training going right through my pregnancy. He made sure everything was safe for me to do whilst keeping it varied so I didn't get bored”

Kay Watt

“What a great place with great personal trainers. I have been training with Barry for a year now and am stronger and fitter as a result. I am so glad I made the decision to train with Barry, I love it.”

Janet McRobert

“I started training at the gym with Michael around 1 year ago and I love it! I have achieved so much more than I would have on my own and the programmes are excellent. I love to work hard and the programmes make sure I do. The support you get to achieve your goals is second to none, the gym is brilliantly kitted out and everyone is very friendly”

Helen Willis

“My friend and I do buddy sessions with Kevin at BSPT and really enjoy it. We were both feeling a bit fed up with our own gym routines and wanted to try something with a bit more focus. Kevin put together a great programme for us and he is a hugely positive and motivational PT. Would 100% recommend!”

Sarah Lesley

“BSPT gym has a fab community spirit with all trainers and users of the gym making you feel very welcomed, especially in the early days where it's all daunting and new! I started group training with Bruce in 2016 and have since moved onto 1:1 training and I LOVE it (as much as I moan about it, I really do enjoy it). I have well and truly been taken out my comfort zone! Bruce is an amazing trainer, who can even get the laziest of people (me) motivated. ”

Kate Robertson

“With a bit of persuasion from my friend Linda, I signed up for my first buddy session, I am now away to start my third block. Wow can’t really put in words how far I’ve actually come. That first week Michael must have thought “challenge”. I can honestly say that my strength has greatly improved and I can actually squat! I would recommend the gym and PT sessions. Michael your a star putting up with my moaning each week!! ”

June McBain

“After starting just under a year ago with Michael as my PT I can say that my confidence has grown, I am stronger and fitter. Michael helps me greatly with my technique and motivation but also makes it good fun. Great to be part of the Barry Stephen Personal Training family! ”

Kareen French

“I'm definitely not the typical client as I didn't book the sessions to dramatically lose weight or change my body shape, but more to help with my flexibility and balance so it could help with me learning to walk properly again. I started with walking in with a stick and having to hold onto TRX whilst doing squats 8 weeks ago. Yesterday I walked in with no stick and squatting with a 9kg dumbbell. Really chuffed with my progress and of course the support I have got from Scott @ Barry Stephen Personal Training. Would highly recommend any of the guys there and the members are also very welcoming. Booked for another 8 week block - hey who knows, I may get back to squatting with a barbell sooner than I think! ”

Steph Milne

“I cannot recommend Kevin or any of the other Barry Stephen team highly enough! Their expert knowledge and advice will make you strive for more than you ever thought possible. I've been going to personal training with Kevin since March of this year and I will never look back! His patience, knowledge and passion for what he does is second to none. Personal training at BSPT is exactly that - personal to you! Your programme will be suited to your abilities, at no point will not be made to feel silly if you can't do something and you will be given all the encouragement you need to improve! ”

Lucy Waters

“I always wanted to train but never felt comfortable in a gym. After persuasion from my family I signed up for personal training with Barry and have never looked back. Three years later I’m still training with Barry and I’m fitter, stronger and lighter but also have way less headaches and generally feel better. Barry keeps me progressing and always keeps training fresh and interesting and I’m really pleased how far I’ve come in the time I’ve trained at the gym. Couldn’t recommend BSPT more. ”

Miles Davies

“Started the gym in Oct last year and so far have went down 3 dress sizes, love the atmosphere and everyone is friendly and helpful there’s always a trainer around to ask for advice. So happy I joined as its so relaxed and the classes are so much fun, and Barry is doing amazing things there. ”

Amanda Pickthall

“I joined BSPT in September just before returning to uni and I have been training with Michael since then. It was the best thing I have ever done for my fitness. Previously, I was very inconsistent with my training and I had no real knowledge or structure to any exercise I was doing. However, that has completely changed since joining BSPT. I have massively improved my technique and I'm continuing to make progress every week under my training plan. Michael and the other trainer's excellent understanding of nutrition and training has allowed me to continually work towards my goal of increasing muscle mass. All trainers and other members are really encouraging and willing to help. I would 100% recommend ”

Michael McDaniel

“The guidance from Barry and his team (BSPT) was what I needed. I was tired with my old gym routine, the motivation and results I once had were slowly draining away. Three years ago BSPT introduced me to new ways of exercising which I immediately found challenging yet fun. The community spirit in the gym from both trainers and members gives a sense of belonging. I would have no hesitation in recommending BSPT. ”

Colin Houston

“I started going to BSPT a year ago training with Scott. I intended to just have one block of PT sessions but a year later I'm still going twice a week. Couldn't ask for a better trainer than Scott, great motivator, am always learning new things and progressing thanks to him. Overall, great gym, great trainers, great people which all makes for great results! ”

Annie Phillip

“I have been training with Scott at BSPT for about a year and a half now. He is a fantastic trainer (as are the whole team at BSPT) and the gym is brilliant. I really couldn't recommend it highly enough. What really sets it apart from other places is the atmosphere of friendship, support and fun. It's a great place to be a member of, you should come and find out for yourselves. ”

Malcom Gunnyeon

“This gym has great, enthusiastic personal trainers and such a great community feel! When you're part of BSPT, you really are part of a winning team! ”

Erica MacPherson

“By far the best group of trainers in Aberdeen, all with their own style and approach to training but all extremely knowledgeable, motivating and able to get the best out of their clients. Everyone has their own goals, and I’ve seen so many people (myself included) achieve them and everyone supports each other to do it. I’ve lost nearly 6 stone and started powerlifting since I started with Bruce, and can honestly say the best thing I ever did was make that first contact to join. Highly recommend. ”

Claire Tocher

“I’ve been going to BSPT for a number of years now and recommend it all the time to anyone wanting a friendly, fun and unpretentious gym where everyone is welcome. I joked once that BSPT is a bit like Cheers - the gym where everyone knows your name - but that encouragement and enthusiasm from everyone, trainers and clients alike, to keep coming back and persevering is what makes it special. In particular, I’ve trained with Bruce for over 6 years and he has done wonders with me, even with my irregular attendance due to work! His technical expertise, patience and good humour (ok, terrible jokes!) makes going to a training session with him an absolute pleasure! ”

Jonathan Parkes

“I started at the gym over a year ago and initially trained with Mark and now train with Michael and Barry. The team are encouraging and inspiring and really help with motivation. It is a great gym and everyone is friendly and welcoming. The opening hours are great and allow me to train around work hours. The bootcamp classes on Monday and Saturday mornings are a great addition. I would have no hesitation it recommending Barry Stephen Personal Training ”

Kash Khan

“I joined Barry Stephen after hitting a wall with training on my own. I take part in group PT weekly and in the short time I have been here I have learnt so many new exercises and have far better form. Barry and his team are extremely generous to always be willing to share there experiences and tips, wether that be at group or when they have a free moment at the gym. Everyone has been welcoming, friendly and the results are paying off. I'm hitting my goals and even surprising my self! ”

Toni Laura

“Barry’s gym has it all, professional trainers, friendly helpful clients, groups and classes for all abilities and a great social side with charity competitions , days and nights out, and many other events through the year. A fabulous gym . I can’t recommend it highly enough. ”

Susan Jeffrey

“I've been training at BSPT for just under two years now. Initially with Mark and now with Scott and Barry. My strength, technique and overall fitness has improved beyond what I thought I'd ever be able to achieve. I can honestly say I look forward to every session whether it's PT, Bootcamp, Boxing or flexibility. All the PTs are incredibly knowledgeable, adaptable and very encouraging. Being part of such a positive community makes going to the gym a daily enjoyment. So pleased I found such an amazing gym! ”

Lucy Willoughby

“I came to bspt to train with Scott Newcombe who came highly recommend intending to do just one block I'm still with him 19 months later!working in fitness myself I have worked with many pts over the years but totally in awe of the dedication Scott and the rest of the team have. At my first ever class a regular told me it would be the best decision I would ever make to join the bspt family thinking this was a bit over the top but Carol was right and I really can't put into words how true this is! ”

Tracey Stainer

“Went to Barry after being recommended by a friend, needed help to learn how to do deadlifts and squats safely & correctly. He put a exercise plan together for me to do at home. and helped me learn the correct form . Great trainer and confidence giving, just what I needed. Highly recommend. ”

Gail Irvine

“Joining BSPT was one of the best decisions I've made! With Barry's guidance and support I've made a lot of progress. The classes have a real buzz to them, everyone works hard to achieve results, encouraging each other along the way. Group PT I would recommend; great way to reach your goals and work with like minded people. The team are friendly, approachable and have a wealth of knowledge. Team BSPT all the way. ”

Hannah Whyte

“Being someone who fluttered in and out the gym sporadically over the years this is the only gym which has made me WANT to come and work out. A real community spirit where people support, encourage and motivate each other to help one another achieve, and in most cases, exceed what they set out to do. By far the most inspiring and knowledgeable staff around!! ”

Christine Majury

“This place has the best atmosphere around The wealth of knowledge shared by the PT's here is incredible, why would you train anywhere else?! Plus, its like being in one big family ”

Jane Ritchie

“Started training with Kevin in the Group PT classes back in June 2015. From the initial discussions over email you get a feel for a company and I knew straight away I was getting involved with professionals who love what they do. Kevin keeps us motivated and pushes the group to work hard. I look forward to my circuits every week!! I also started going to the boxing class which is a brilliant workout. Great atmosphere, friendly clients and professional trainers. So glad I emailed Barry and joined the BSPT group! ”

Vicki Thom

“I first joined BSPT after having been a member at gyms in Glasgow and Aberdeen, where the programs set out by the trainers had little or no impact on my weight loss goals, and haven’t looked back. I’ve lost 17kg since I first set foot in the gym and, despite finding the thought of lifting weights pretty intimidating to begin with, the support and guidance of all the staff – particularly Rory – has helped me achieve well beyond my expectations. The team are extremely knowledgeable and are vastly more qualified than the majority of trainers at commercial gyms where the focus is less on the individual and their passion for what they do is reflected in the results of their clients. ”

Mairi Majury

“As soon as you walk in to BSPT you can feel the buzz and warmth of the place! It's like being part of a family - I have never met a team of trainers and clients who literally put everything into their jobs and hobbies alike. I have learnt so much since I began having PT here and have grown in strength and confidence. Couldn't recommend a better place to train, meet likeminded people and generally just have fun! ”

Stacy Harper

“My experience at BSPT has been 100% positive. I feel encouraged and supported by everyone within the gym's four walls but in particular my trainer, Scott Newcombe who is a brilliant teacher, explains everything thoroughly and has a great sense of humour when the going gets tough. First class. ”

Deborah Bonner

“Fab trainers and great gym! Really amazing workouts! This gym makes exercising fun!!! ”

Bev Bell

“I've been training with Rory Annand for nearly 3 years, and a member at BSPT since it opened, and genuinely can't imagine training anywhere else! All of the team are full of enthusiasm and motivation, as well as constantly broadening their knowledge, which means there is always something new on the cards in classes and training plans. I can't recommend BSPT and the team highly enough! ”

Gail Rennie

“Brilliantly equipped gym with very knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. I didn't think I was in too bad shape when I joined, but comparing photos between then and now - the difference is staggering. PT sessions well worth getting as they'll make sure you get the most from your time spent working out. The classes are a great way to mix up your workout too and great fun. Couldn't recommend this place enough. ”

Chris Hanton

“I have been a member of BSPT since it first opened after receiving PT sessions from Rory for a year or so beforehand; and in a word it is great! Everyone is friendly, willing to help and the gym always has a positive feel around it. The classes are great for mixing things up plus all the staff are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and ready to help you meet your goals. I have significantly improved my fitness in all areas and also learnt so much from sessions, along with the nutritional plan I got made up this year which has made an unbelievable difference - something I definitely would never have managed to achieve on my own! Thank you to all at BSPT! ”

Claire Barrie

“I have been training with Barry for 6 years and with Bruce for 3.5 years (how time flies when you're enjoying yourself!) and I would hate to have to choose between them. BSPT is a fantastic gym and no matter how hard the session I always feel better at the end than when I arrived. It is a friendly and non-intimidating environment in which to train and highly recommended!”

Judith Jordan

“I've been a member at the BSPT gym for over a year now and I've had personal training sessions with Barry himself. It's a great gym to train in and the team of trainers there are the best in Aberdeen. Each of them are friendly, professional and approachable. They are always there to answer questions or to help with any problems with training. Along with personal training, there's great group classes that are all top class. You can also get your own bespoke workout plan so you know you're training is as good as it can be. It takes the guess work out as you know you're in good hands. I can't recommend this gym highly enough and if you are looking for high standard PT then BSPT is the place to go, no question! ”

Mark Newcombe

“I followed Barry and his team when they left their previous place of work and it's the best decision I've made. I've also taken 2 other my mates to come and join also. Not only is the gym full of high quality PT's, high quality equipment it is also full of high quality people. I love the buzz the gym has during busy spells but yet i have never had to wait to use equipment and love when at times I pretty much have the gym to myself. Barry and his team are only a shout away if you need any pointers, advise or even just a boost. Keep up the amazing work. ”

Danny Craig

“I have been training with Rory Annand for two and a half years now and love it, I've not only improved my strength which has helped me achieve PBs in my various sports but also gained knowledge of nutrition and am much more aware of how my body functions. I'm also a member of the gym and it's just the best place to train, all the trainers and other members are dead cheery and are always willing to help you, I have never felt intimidated working out there, where before in other gyms I've totally hated going to the free weight section where the big blokes glare at you, at BSPT even the big blokes are encouraging!! I honestly couldn't recommend the gym and the team at BSPT enough. ”

Catherine Bain

Barry Stephen

Personal Trainer / S&C Coach

I have been working in the industry now for close to 12 years and I can honestly say I feel like the luckiest guy in the world being able to do a job that I absolutely love.

In this time I have learnt from a variety of different people and I am continually reinvesting in my personal development in order to offer the best service possible to all of our customers. My family, my clients and the guys that work for me inspire me. Seeing them achieve results beyond what they thought were possible is a real motivation for me. I thoroughly enjoy working with everyday people and helping them in their journey whatever the goal may be.

As well as being a personal trainer and gym manager I also work as a Strength and Conditioning coach having worked with athletes from many different fields. I spent 18 months in a part time role at Partick Thistle Football Club, which was a great experience.

I have developed a passion for helping other Personal Trainers improve their skills, which is why I offer our educational workshops and mentorships. Ive won awards in this field and feel I have a large amount of experience and expertise I can pass on. I have also taught and assessed for Fitness Training Scotland delivering kettle-bell, gym instructor and personal training courses and have taught and assessed the Level 1 Weightlifting Course for British Weightlifting.

  • Areas of expertise:
  • Fat loss
  • Strength Training
  • Transformations
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Bodybuilding
  • Olympic Weight Lifting
  • Sports Performance
  • Barry Stephen Prices:
  • BSPT Members - Single Session £50, Block of 8 Sessions £360
  • Non Members - Single Session £60, Block of 8 Sessions £400

Jen Innes

Personal Trainer

I have been a Personal Trainer for over 8 years, however, I have worked in the health and fitness industry for approximately 20 years.

I am delighted to be part of a professional, highly experienced and knowledgeable team bringing my own personal career journey to the next level. Prior to this I spent many years as an instructor in a commercial gym and progressed to building my own personal training and fitness coaching business, training and supporting a varied group of clients. During some of this time I also instructed offshore survival and many of the skills and coaching techniques adopted there, I transfer into the gym, particularly in supporting clients who may be anxious and require additional motivation and support to successfully complete daunting exercises/drills. Joining Barry and his expert team has allowed me to further my knowledge, skills and experience which is underpinned by continuous professional development which I fully embrace and use as a driving factor for client success.

Health and fitness is a life long passion of mine, having competed personally I completely understand the commitment, dedication, challenges and success whilst on a journey to achieve those personal goals – whatever they may be! My clients and their journey are of the utmost importance, whether their goals are general fitness, weight loss, strength or mobility, all proven to significantly improve health and mental health and wellbeing, and bring about a great feel good factor for both them and myself.

My aim is to make training a fun, enjoyable and a highly rewarding experience, therefore all programs are 100% tailored to the ability and end goals of my client. Reaching those goals takes commitment and consistency, however, the results and reward are amazing and together we can do it!

  • Areas of expertise:
  • Fat Loss
  • Hypertrophy
  • Nutrition
  • Mobility
  • Improving Sporting Performance
  • Group PT
  • Body Transformations
  • Jen Innes Prices:
  • BSPT Members - Single Session £45, Block of 8 Sessions – £340
  • Non Members - Single Session £50, Block of 8 Sessions – £360

Bruce Bain

Personal Trainer

I have been personal training for 9 years, and I am very fortunate to have many long-term clients. I mainly focus on helping those who’s primary goal is fat loss, which I love, but more recently I have built a small team of powerlifters who are proving to be very successful with some even holding national records. I have competed in powerlifting myself and it is an area that I have a lot of passion for.

I take every opportunity to learn through attending courses, mentorships, seminars and online courses. Its important to me to continually develop so I can give the best service to my clients.

Personally, I love spending time with my young daughter. I like to get out in the fresh air to keep fit and regularly train in the gym myself. In recent years I’ve learnt to cook, which my wife says I’m actually good at, and really enjoy making health meals and recipes, which I love to share with my clients.

Not everyone gets to do a job that they love, but I do, and it’s something I don’t take for granted. You can be assured if you work with me you will get the dedication and support required to take you to your desired goal.

  • Areas of expertise:
  • Fat Loss
  • Hypertrophy
  • Mobility
  • Sports Massage
  • Powerlifting
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition
  • Body Transformations
  • Bruce Bain Prices:
  • BSPT Members - Single Session £45, Block of 8 Sessions £340
  • Non Members - Single Session £50, Block of 8 Sessions £360

Scott Newcombe

Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer I strive to help my clients reach their goals in the simplest and most straightforward ways. I have been at BSPT for 5 years and still feel so grateful to be doing a job that I love.

Knowing what to eat and how to exercises can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. It did for me when I started out which is why I made it my mission to pass on what I have learned to others in order to make their journey as simple as possible.

I work with clients to find the right balance of exercise and nutrition to suit their goals and create a healthier lifestyle. I believe the keys to making great progress are through consistency and patience as well as starting at the appropriate level.

Having worked with a variety of clients to lose weight, gain muscle and improve general health and well-being, I just enjoy seeing people improve and become healthier and happier.

  • Areas of expertise:
  • Fat Loss
  • Strength Training
  • Muscle Building
  • Nutrition
  • Transformation
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Scott Newcombe Prices:
  • BSPT Members - Single Session £45, Block of 8 Sessions £340
  • Non Members - Single Session £50, Block of 8 Sessions £360

Michael Craig

Personal Trainer

As I personal trainer I make every effort to help my clients achieve their goals in the gym, whether that be to lose body fat to feel better about themselves on holiday, gain muscle to look better in a t-shirt or generally become healthier & stronger.

I have been working at BSPT for 3 years now and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with a team of professional & expert trainers as well as an array of different clients that challenge me every day and make my job interesting and enjoyable. I can confidently say that I love my job and couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

The fitness industry can be a very confusing place with many opinions. It isn’t easy for people who are new to fitness & exercise to understand and implement the correct training and nutrition in the simplest way possible to achieve their goals. I know when I first started I was in the exact same boat and had little knowledge of what methods were optimal for progression. I am continually reinvesting in my own development as a PT by going on courses to provide my clients with the correct tools to make their fitness journey as straight forward & enjoyable as possible.

I believe the keys to success in the gym are staying patient, small progressions over time, consistency & choosing an appropriate level of training that suits your initial ability level. I ensure the previously mentioned keys are introduced and implemented with all my clients.

  • Areas of expertise:
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Transformations
  • Kettlebells
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Michael Craig Prices:
  • BSPT Members - Single Session £45, Block of 8 Sessions £340
  • Non Members - Single Session - £50, Block of 8 Sessions £360

Angela Watson

Administrator / Gym Instructor

As a qualified fitness instructor I enjoy a part time role at BSPT covering many of the classes.

I am also a frequent attendee at the gym and have had the pleasure of learning from all of the PT’s for the past 6 years. I can honestly say that they are a fantastic group of professional, highly experienced and knowledgeable guys who give their best to all of who they work with.

I don’t personal train myself but I regularly take the classes that you see on our timetable. I am passionate about strength training, improving flexibility, boxing training, nutrition and helping others.

When I was younger I trained and coached as a gymnast. Gymnastics has always been an area of interest.

If you join the gym or become a client hopefully I will get to meet you it’s a fantastic place to workout, meet people and get support.