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Online Personal Training

We have worked with 100’s of clients from all backgrounds and have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to prescribing safe and effective training programmes.

If you would like our help but can’t access us face to face consider signing up to our Online Personal Training Service.

How it works

We will provide you with a new tailor made training plan every calendar month and give you exclusive access to our exercise video library and training manuals.

The manuals and videos are a great supporting resource to your programmes, really making sure you make the most out of each exercise and session. You will also be added to our online coaching Facebook group (optional), here you can ask questions, post videos for feedback and gain the support of our coaches and like-minded clients.

Payment is taken 1 x per month but you can cancel anytime. Initial programmes take up to 5 days to produce with re-programmes around 2-3 days.

Online Training

Costs breakdown

  • New Programme every 4 weeks
  • Exclusive access to our Exercise Video Library
  • Free Access to all our Training Manual E-Books
  • Exclusive Access to our Facebook Support Group
  • Nutritional Guideline Recommendations – Suggested Calories/Macros and Supporting Recipes
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£80/ Month