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26 Jan 2021 - News

Are you motivated?

We lack motivation because we lack a connection with our goals. Our motivation also feeds off of the actions we take and the energy that we create.

You don’t just get motivation you have to work at it. You don’t suddenly wake up motivated one day. You have to apply effort first. You build that motivated feeling through the actions you take.

For example the person who sits at home doing nothing all day – feels demotivated. If that person say goes for a walk, does a workout or cooks a healthy meal they then in return feel a little more motivated.

They feel pleased with themselves and they connect more with WHY they went for the walk in the first place.

Once they repeat the process the motivation starts to build up.

Can you relate to this?

I bet you after a workout you feel better about yourself and motivation increases? I know after a really good week of training I have felt more motivated and so its snowballed into a few good weeks of training.

I bet after joining the gym you feel bit more motivated? Or when you read a book that inspires you, your motivation to do something for yourself increases?

I took the decision this January to not drink any alcohol, not because of the dry January trend, but because I was noticing that I was slipping into a bad habit of drinking more frequently which was taking me further away from my health, work and family goals.
At first I wasnt that motivated to do it or sure I would even follow through with it but as time has passed I am much more motivated to keep it going and more aware of how important it is to my goals.

The action I took at the start led to the motivated connection I now have with that and other goals.

Lets look at it from the other side.

When you have a bad couple of weeks where is your motivation at? High or Low? Its generally low. That’s why people let a bad few days turn into a bad few weeks. The actions your taking (or not taking) is resulting in that demotivated feeling. Your also focusing on how demotivated you feel, or how you have failed instead of just taking action.

Its probably all normal behaviour and a cycle we will all go through but trust me when I say the more action you take towards your goals the more connected you will feel with them and the more motivated you will become.

It’s also normal to fail, the most successful people in the world all fail.
You need to make the effort though and that effort doesn’t come without a desire.

I am writing this just now because I am motivated to help you, I want to be known as someone who helped lots of people lose weight and live a healthy happy lifestyle. That’s not going to happen if I don’t make the effort and try.

Maybe reading this has motivated you? I would say if your motivated enough to sit down and read through this then your probably motivated enough to do what you need to do. Start today!