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11 Feb 2021 - News

The scales shouldn’t always determine your progress

After speaking to a couple of clients this week who feel a bit down that their weight has stayed the same or increased a bit I wanted to highlight that this doesn’t necessarily mean your not progressing.

As I said before your weight will go up and down frequently during your journey. Comparing your weight week to week can sometimes be misleading.

If you look back after 3 months and your weight is down and you have made considerable improvements to your physique and fitness that’s progress.

Think of the footballer that scores in 5 matches in a row, doesn’t score for 3 games, scores in the next 2, nothing for 3, and then scores every second game. Did he have a good season, absolutely. Did he score every week ? No. But did he turn up, keep trying his best, play well and keep doing the right things to achieve his goals, Yes. The same will happen with your weight.

You’ve got to look back over a period of time and assess your progress and not get caught up on the scale weight week to week.

Obviously after 3 months if you’ve lost no weight or very little and the goal is weight loss then you’re not doing what’s required, you’re not being consistent and you’re not achieving that calorie deficit that is key to your weight loss success. Going forward you need to address this and change your approach or the result will be the same.

Anyone can lose weight in the short term but can you make consistent progress over a longer period ?

For those that are in that consistent routine and working hard to make changes to their diet and lifestyle, focusing your progress solely on the scales may not be the best approach particularly if it demotivates you when you don’t read what you want it to read.

Instead consider assessing your progress in different ways.

Here are 10 areas I look for progress with my 121 clients week to week who are aiming to lose weight;

1. Are you training more consistently ?
2. Did you hit your weekly step goal ?
3. Are you showing signs of increased motivation to exercise and make healthier choices ?
4. Are you improving performance within sessions, do you find things easier ?
5. Are you more organised at home with your meals and snacks ?
6. Are you able to follow the specific health and lifestyle advice I have given you ? If not why not ?
7. Are stress levels decreasing, do you feel better/happier ?
8. Are you enjoying the process and finding it easier ?
9. Are you acknowledging and documenting your small wins each week ?
10. Can you still clearly describe your goal to me and what it means to you if you could achieve it ?

When the answer is Yes to the majority of these each week I know that they are on the right path and weight loss will be a by product of their consistent actions. Not every week will there be a drop in weight. Some weeks maintaining, some weeks gaining. Over time though, with the right approach and mindset the difference will be clear.

When the answer is No then my expectancy for progress is lower and it’s time to try reassess the goal or simplify the way we are trying to achieve it.

This is a two way thing. Can I coach what we are trying to achieve in a better way and can the client take ownership for the areas they are falling short in.

As always we are all on a journey. Our journey may be similar but we as people are all different. Try to acknowledge progress in different forms and dont soley focus your investment to you self, your health and your goals around what the scales say.

These articles are hopefully helpful insights on how you can achieve your goals better and make things easier. If you want to work with me or my team Enquire Now.