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4 Feb 2021 - News

Mindset – the key to your success

Here are 4 mindset tips that can make all the difference with how you think and feel about your training. and nutrition.

Mindset Tips

1.Instead of thinking to yourself that you “have to” exercise, think about how you “get to” exercise. The more it’s a chore the less likely you will be to do it because who likes doing chores!

2.Similarly, don’t focus on what you can’t do or haven’t achieved yet, focus on what you can do and have achieved so far. If you still can’t do a pull up then don’t beat yourself up, maybe you can do more press ups than before, or now you bale able to do a harder version of a plank than a few weeks ago. Be proud of what you’ve achieved because you could have easily still been exactly where you were.

3.Focus on all the benefit you get from the process of exercise or eating better instead of just the “outcome”. If your goal is to lose weight then consistently just wanting to exercise to burn calories or feeling like you are always depriving yourself will (ironically) eat away at you. Try your best to focus on the positive aspects of what you are trying to achieve, be that better health, improved mood/ happiness or just the enjoyment of it. This will make the process a lot more enjoyable and sustainable.

4.Get better every day. Striving for perfection can be holding you back or keeping you stuck where you are. If this is you then adopt the better very day mentality, simply aim for today to be a bit better than yesterday and over time your habits can look a lot different to what they were when you started. This one has been a key phrase for myself and to my clients over the years.

by Scott Newcombe Learn more about Scott