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30 Aug 2020 - News

Covid19 Members/Staff Gym Guide

Barry Stephen Personal Training Post Lockdown Reopening Members Guide Updated 7th August 2021 (to be adhered to from 9th Aug 2021 onwards)

Gym Access

The following areas will be open and accessible:

• Main gym
• Reception
• Toilets, Changing Rooms and Showers
• Car Park
• Outside Gym Space (reserved for 121 and group PT but can be used by members when not in use by the trainers)

There is currently no social distancing measures in place.

Entering and Exiting

Please enter via the front door and leave via the fire exit or big door. You do not require to wear a mask but you can wear one if you wish.


Where possible come to the gym ready to train. Please do not bring any bags of any kind into the gym. If you would like us to safely store your car keys and wallet/purse for you while you train we can do. Use the changing rooms to store any clothes/belongings in the baskets/hanger areas. It is extremely important that you keep the floor space free from any belongings.

If you bring a water bottle please put your name on it. Any water bottles left behind with no name will be binned.


All programmes are now sent digitally.

Opening Hours

Opening hours may change and be either decreased or increased at any time. Any changes will be reflected in the available open gym slots on our booking app.

Current Opening Hours

Monday – 0630-2130
Tuesday – 0600-2130
Wednesday – 0600-2130
Thursday – 0630-2130
Friday 0600-2130
Saturday 0700-1500
Sunday 0900-1400

Gym Sessions

Max Numbers at any one time in the gym for the time being will be restricted to 20. It is only likely that we will reach this number at peak times 5pm-7pm Mon-Thurs.

To attend the gym on your own you must book in via the BookFit app. You cannot enter the gym without making a prior booking.

Choose any available Open Gym Time Slot that you see.

Gym slots are for 60mins only. Please arrive no more than 5mins early. If you would like to stay longer to finish your workout you can now do so so long as there is space within the gym.

You cannot come for a session without first making a booking.

You can book from 7 days and 30mins in advance and right up until 15mins before the session time starts.

We understand you may have to cancel a session from time to time. Please make sure you cancel any session you cannot make. Failure to turn up for a session you have booked may result in your membership being terminated.

All time slots have waiting lists.


The Maximum number for a class will be 12. Outdoor Bootcamps is 16. Specialist Classes is 10.
Classes are £15 to non-members and gym members. Classes are FREE to Premium Members.

You can book from 7 days and 30mins in advance and until 15mins of any class.

You cannot come for a class without first making a booking.

We understand you may have to cancel a session from time to time. Please make sure you cancel any class you cannot make. Failure to turn up for a class you have booked may result in your membership being terminated.

All classes have waiting lists.

Please arrive no more than 5mins early to a class.

Most classes you will be given kit to use for the duration of the session and to avoid sharing. Specialist classes and Group PT’s this will not be possible and so kit will need to be shared with at least one or more people without cleaning in between. Please only book in for a class or group sesssion if you are comfortable doing this.

The timetable will be subject to change and will be reviewed every month, classes that are poorly attended will be taken off the schedule.

Current Gym Class Timetable is avialble via the BookFit App or on our website.

Group PT

Group Personal Training is for 4 people Max.

Group Sessions are done outside in the Cage where possible and within the gym.

Some group sessions are listed on the App these are first come first and require you to make payment when booking.

You can book from 7 days and 30mins in advance and until 15mins of any session.

Some groups are not on the app. If there are any spaces within these groups we will post information on both BSPT Private FB Groups.

Group Sessions are £20pp regardless of membership. You don’t need to be a member to attend a group.

121 PT Sessions

You don’t need to use the app to book a 121 session. Book this via your trainer as normal.

121 PT sessions will be inside the gym.

Gym Members and Premium Members receive discount on 121 Training Prices.

Gym Etiquette

Please do not attend the gym if you feel unwell, have a temperature or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID 19.

If you do feel unwell, have had a temperature or been in contact with anyone who has been tested positive for COVID 19 please follow the current NHS guidelines before you return to the gym.

If you have been travelling abroad please refer to the government guidelines before returning to the gym.

When you arrive at the gym please use the hand sanitizer.

You do not need to wear a face mask while in the gym but please do so if you wish.

Do not bring any bags or belongings into the gym.

Please do not hang around the gym entrance, keep all walkways clear.

If you feel that any staff member or gym member has put you at risk please inform me by email personaltraining@barrystephen.com

Communicate with all other gym users.

Give other gym users space.

Do not leave any kit unattended.

Be courteous to other gym users.

If you share kit please wipe down the kit before you use it.

Please bin all wipes after you use them do not leave them on the ground or on a peice of kit. Wipe the kit then put away.

Once you are finished with a piece of kit wipe it down and put it back. This does not include the weight plates, please do not wipe these.

We have 2 stations within the gym that have disinfected white roll wipes. Please use these wipes and wipe down your kit with them. This will be the only available products.

It is your responsibility to clean what you use.

If you sweat a lot I would recommend you bring a towel to wipe yourself with and put on the benches when you use them but please do not clean the equipment with this towel, instead use the cleaning products provided.

The BSPT Comminity was built on High 5’s after the class lol, although I have missed these we will instead by offering fist pumps or elbow bashes going forward. If you feel uncomfortable with either just run away from us when we apprach you 🙂

Changes to Gym Layout

The Gym layout will remain the same.

Cleaning Schedule

The Gym and the toilets will be cleaned every day. This will be recorded for your information in each area.

Common touch points are cleaned multiple times per day.

We ask that you as a member clean the kit that you use and maintain good personal hygiene at all times, failure to do so will result in your membership being terminated.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to a more ‘NORMAL’ gym environment, and hope that you all abide by the rules set so that we can all enjoy the experience. As a community we all play an important role in keeping our gym safe.

See you all Soon 🙂