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23 Jun 2020 - News

What can you do to help improve your gym’s cleanliness

As gyms get closer to re opening what can you do as a gym goer to help keep the place you love to train as hygenic as possible.

The vast responsibility for cleanliness within a facility is down to those who run the facility. If a gym is dirty it’s not the cleaners fault or the members it’s the person at the top who hired the cleaners and set the standards. You set your own standards and etiquette as a manager/owner and it filters down to everyone who works around you and uses your facility.

Do your research now more than ever when you join a gym, if you want my advice support a small local gym.


Well firstly they will be run by people who have a passion for fitness, health and helping people.
The owner will likely work there meaning he/she will be visible and see what really goes on and needs attention.

They have personal training expertise.

They have a community feel.

They reinvest frequently.

They are run by local people.

They are small with a small foot fall.

But back to what you can do to help keep the place clean. Here is a list of things you should be doing each time you go for a workout that will help keep the place you so desperately want to re open stay open.

1. Wash your hands on arrival and limit the germs you bring into the gym
2. Use gym shoes that are solely for the gym, nobody wants to be stretching on mats that are covered in dirt from your shoes.
3. Wash your training kit after a session. Don’t re use your shorts and t shirt the next day or at your next session. Not only does this stink the whole gym out with your dried in sweat, it’s also adding to the germ problem.
4. Take a small towel with you into the gym to use on yourself if you sweat a lot. This will somewhat limit the amount of sweat that you leave in the gym. Don’t use this towel to wipe down the kit though.
5. Wipe down the kit you use. It takes very little time to do so. This is also down to your gym making it easy for you to do so by having conveniently spaced out cleaning stations but if this is in place it’s your responsibility to wipe down what you have used. Wiping your forehead with your own towel and then using it to wipe down the kit is not acceptable use what the gym provides.
6. Don’t take bags into the gym. Keep the items you take into the gym, bags, phones etc to a minimum. The less “needless stuff” in there the better especially if space is a premium and your trying to social distance.
7. Don’t leave your water bottles lying about once your finished with them, if they are bought bottles bin them if they are your own TAKE THEM HOME!
8. Don’t come to the gym if you are not well! Seriously DO NOT COME TO THE GYM IF YOU ARE UNWELL !

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