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7 Feb 2021 - News

Are you ‘Just Waiting’ ?

Were you in a routine that worked for you pre lockdown? Are you now in the mind-set that you are going to just wait it out till lockdown is over before sliding back into your old routine? Are you currently avoiding adapting and keeping up with things like training, regular exercise and healthy eating because conditions don’t suit you?

Here is what I can tell you about the clients I worked with that took that approach during the first lockdown in 2020.

They gained a lot of weight
They didn’t get started back into their old routine when the opportunity finally arrived like they said they would
Mentally they suffered the most
They focused a lot around the reasons why they couldn’t do this or
couldn’t do that – fixed mind-set
They had an ‘all or nothing’ mentality and in hindsight they wished they adapted and got involved with what was on offer
They bemoaned the fact the gyms were closed and couldn’t train

Here is what I can tell you about the clients I worked with that tried to adapt and do something to keep going.

They either maintained their weight or managed to lose weight
They were back in the gym and into as close to their old routine as possible the week the gyms reopened
They kept a positive outlook and stayed on top of their mental health better
They focused a lot around how well they adapted, the positives that lockdown brought them and the small wins they achieved – growth mind-set
They understand that consistency is key, maintaining is a form of progressing and exercise is part of their lifestyle
In hindsight they were glad they adapted
They celebrated the fact they could still train and be coached

Firstly I think its 100% normal behaviour to fall into the first category and if that was you, the last thing I want to do is make you feel even more down about it. The reality is we are all capable of slipping into that mind-set at any time. Despite being very much on it with training everyone else, I fell into that mind-set myself initially and also felt the struggle, so I understand.

This time around I generally see a difference in peoples’ mind-set. I know myself I am adapting better. This comes with the experience gained from the first lockdown. Those that adapted then know they can do it again or how to do it better. Those that didn’t adapt first time are more willing to give it a try this time.

So what is adapting?

From an exercise point of view it could be one of the following.

If you’re used to doing PT sessions it will likely mean either doing your sessions outside in cold and wet conditions or logging into zoom or skype and doing your session with restricted equipment.

If you’re used to classes or groups this might mean joining a Zoom Class and training from home with other like-minded people using whatever kit you have at your disposal.

If you are used to training on your own in the gym this likely means you will have to get used to training on your own at home or outside.

The length of your session might now be shorter.

Some of you may be used to training 4-5 x per week but will now need to compromise to training 2-3 times per week.

If you are used to moving a lot during the course of your day at work and now find being at home you are much more sedentary this will likely mean you need to schedule more ‘walks’.

If you are used to lifting heavy weights it likely means you will need to focus on lifting lighter weights for higher reps or get creative with your workouts.

As a gym owner I feel your frustrations and it is certainly pleasing to know that the gym is the focal point to providing you with what you need to progress. That said at the end of the day its just bricks and mortar (and bits of kit). I can only speak for my own business, but the instructors that plan the sessions, adapt the exercises, coach the movements, provide the motivating and inspiring atmosphere and have the knowledge you need are still available and able to meet your needs. You just need to adapt your outlook, change your mind-set and compromise how you train to access it.

As a business we are adapting all the time to serve our clients and finding better ways of doing so. We have created equipped outdoor training spaces with cover from the elements, an online zoom class timetable, facebook live classes, a video library with 100’s of classes and content. We post FREE and helpful advice daily to our whats app and facebook groups. We have organised outdoor classes and groups for most of the year regardless of the weather.

I can relate my business to that of a person’s health and wellbeing. If we hadn’t tried to adapt I can honestly tell you the health and wellbeing of the business wouldn’t be good, there is a good chance we wouldn’t be here today. Without adapting I know we wouldn’t be available for those that are just “waiting for us to reopen”.

I’m not expecting to make great financial progress during this period but I am expecting to maintain a certain level by adapting and if we continue to work hard and get a good level of consistency in what we are doing maybe as a business we can achieve more.

The same can be said for you and goals. If you adapt, work hard and achieve a good level of consistency in your routine you will most certainly maintain your progress and maybe even achieve more.

Don’t just wait for the gym to reopen. The gym is evolving and adapting all the time and so should you if your goals mean something to you.