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22 Feb 2024 - News

Training Hack – make your sessions easy!

Easy you say ? Why ? Surely I will not get results training easy….

Maybe you won’t or maybe you will, but from what I’ve learnt training people for 15+ years the key to any results achieved was frequency and consistency in turning up over a long period.  Intensity is important but not as important as frequency.  Those that turn up reguarly usually achieve more than those that don’t.  

Many people struggle for consistency and sometimes all we see on social media is people beasting it and achieving great things which can be demotivating for some just as much as it can be highly motivating for others.  

If you struggle for consistency and the thought of training hard puts you off going in for a workout then do what I often do myself and make your sessions easier. 

When it comes to training, sometimes the idea of pushing yourself to the limit can be intimidating, having an easier session planned helps to eliminate the mental barrier that often comes with the fear of a tough workout. By knowing that your session is manageable, you’re more likely to actually show up and get started. This can be a great way to overcome procrastination and build consistency in your training routine.  

Generally I find that when I get there and I’m into my planned session, my motivation improves, my energy increases and I end up doing more or working harder anyway as naturally I like to feel like I’m pushing myself.  

By focusing on completing a more straightforward session initially you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the process of exercising without the pressure of constantly trying to “beat” your previous performance. This can lead to a more positive and sustainable approach to your fitness regime.  

Remember, the key is to get to the gym and get moving. Once you’re there and in the groove, you may find yourself naturally increasing the intensity and pushing your boundaries. So, don’t underestimate the power of starting with an easier session – it could be the key to unlocking your full potential in the gym and becoming one of the consistent ones ????

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