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Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully and pay special attention to the provisions related to liability and cancellations, these are highlighted in bold – this does not affect your statutory rights.

These are the terms and conditions for Barry Stephen Personal Training and all trainers who are employed or contracted by Barry Stephen Personal Training, for the remainder of this document Barry Stephen Personal Training will be referred to as BSPT.

1. Obligations

BSPT will utilise professional staff with skills and knowledge to design a safe program of exercise where the client’s personal goals, fitness levels and likes and dislikes related to exercise will be taken into account. BSPT will provide the appropriate coaching, supervision, advice and support that the client may need to help them achieve their goals.

All client information will be kept strictly private and confidential. If BSPT require further medical information from a practitioner, the client must provide such details to continue.

Clients should dress and behave appropriately for a professional gym environment. No outdoor trainers will be allowed in the studio, please could you bring a suitable pair of clean indoor trainers. Shower facilities are also provided for client use.

2. Term & Acceptance

All our services will be for the term agreed upon by the client and BSPT.

3. Fees

Coaching and training fees are paid in advance of the first session of each block with exception to the initial block when payment may be made on the first session. Payments for subsequent blocks must be paid on the last session of the current block; failure to do so may result in the timeslot being given to someone on our waiting list. All payments must be paid direct to the trainer via bank transfer or cash.

4. Cancellations

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled sessions. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours will be charged in full to the client. The cancellation policy will be adhered to in all cases when the client is unable to attend including when illness, work or family commitments prevents attendance and 24 hours’ notice has not been given. This applies to all personal training services including group sessions. We will not be able to reschedule any sessions cancelled within 24hrs of the agreed session time. Session’s cancelled with more than 24 hrs notice given will not be charged but there is no guarantee we will be able to reschedule that session to another time within the same week.

5. Late Arrivals

Sessions shall be approximately 60 minutes in length (depending on package and service) and shall start at the scheduled time. Sessions will not be extended due to the lateness of Client or due to interruptions caused by the client. Any Client who has not arrived within 20 minutes after the scheduled time shall be deemed to have cancelled and will be charged for that entire session.

6. Transferability

The agreement shall be binding only between the BSPT and you the Client. Client may not sell, assign or transfer their rights any purchased services to any other party without the personal trainer’s prior written permission.

7. Expiration of sessions

BSPT understand there is a need for a degree of flexibility and rollover to allow clients to complete purchased sessions however all paid-up block bookings of 8 sessions must be completed within 10 weeks of purchase. In the event that a medical problem or other major issue that prevents completion of the contracted sessions within this time period, BSPT may, at their discretion, allow a suspension of contract and extend this time period. BSPT have the right to move your original time slot to another time or day if sessions are not completed within the 10 week time frame.

8. Refunds and Cancelling your Membership

BSPT do not issue refunds on any personal training or membership services at anytime. Please make sure you are 100% committed prior to purchase. For gym memberships, you can cancel at anytime yourself by logging into your membership profile.  When you joined you will have received a confirmation email with a link to your profile.  It is your responsibility to cancel your membership not ours.  Please be aware, if you cancel your membership, you will be subject to a joining fee if you you look to rejoin in the future.  You will also only be able to rejoin should there be spaces available.  We do not offer a pay as you go membership service and you cannot pause your membership.  Our membership is capped at a certain number to avoid overcrowding and to give all premium members the opportunity to book into all classes, those on our waiting list will be contacted when spaces become available.  All new members and returning members will be subject to a joining fee.

9. Liabilities

The client must complete a PAR-Q before commencing any exercise program and confirms that he/she is in good physical condition, that he/she is capable of engaging in active or passive exercise and that such exercise would not be detrimental to his/her health safety or physical comfort. BSPT cannot be held liable in any way for undeclared or unknown medical conditions

This Liability section applies only to the extent permitted by law. BSPT excludes all liability for death, injury or damage caused by the client carrying out exercises incorrectly, contrary to the instructions or advice of the health professional or carried out without the supervision of a BSPT personal trainer. You as the client agrees to fully release BSPT (As well as any of its owners, employees or independent contractors) from any and all liability, claims and / or litigation actions for injuries, disability, or death or other damages of any kind including but not limited to punitive damages arising out of participation in BSPT activities including but not limited to the personal training programs and the physical activities even if caused by the negligence, international acts or omissions and / or any other type of fault of its owners, employees or other authorized agents including independent contractors. For the avoidance of doubt, BSPT does not exclude or limit any liability for (a) personal injury (including sickness and death) where such injury results from negligence or wilful default by BSPT (As well as any of its owners, employees or independent contractors). BSPT will do it’s best to correct errors and omissions as quickly as practicable after being notified of them but does not accept for any errors and omissions and reserve the right to change information, specifications and descriptions of listed packages and services.

10. Membership Payments

If a membership payment is late you will receive an automated email asking you to make payment, if no payment has been made after 7 days your membership will be terminated. If you wish to re-join you will be charged the current joining fee.

11. Location & Contact

Barry Stephen Personal Training, 41 Ann Street, Aberdeen, AB253LH. Contact no: 07850013634, email: personaltraining@barrystephen.com

12. Currency

All transactions will be in GDP, UK Pounds

13. Covid19 Gym Guidlines Please Read

14. Miscellaneous

BSPT may amend these terms and conditions from time to time, and place the new version on the website and notify you of such changes either in writing or electronically via email. All new sessions, packages and purchases from BSPT from the date that the amended terms are placed on our website and onwards will be governed by those new terms. These terms and conditions shall apply when you use the www.barrystephen.com website for any service. They shall supersede any and all other conditions, understandings, commitments, agreements or representations (except fraudulent misrepresentations) whether oral or in writing. BSPT advises that you print off and keep safe a copy of these terms and conditions. You are advised to read (and are responsible for reading) all information on the website and contained in these terms and conditions fully. If any of these terms are held to be invalid or unenforceable, those terms will be struck out and the other terms remain. These terms and conditions are subject to the laws and exclusive jurisdiction of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

15. Guarantee

There is no guarantee of results.

You as the client have a big part to play if you want results, BSPT are here to support you in this and you will be asked to keep exercise & diet logs to prove that you are completing all work necessary to progress towards your goals. It is understood between client and trainer that both must commit to the program 100% in order to achieve results. The client is required to arrive on time and in an appropriate condition for physical exercise for each training session so that a full and robust session can be achieved on each visit.